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While your child has probably completed reading passages and comprehension questions in class, it is less likely that she has engaged in one-on-one discussions about a particular book or story. You can help your child improve her critical thinking and reading comprehension skills by having an actual discussion with her. Discussion questions tend to be more challenging and engaging than multiple choice or fill in the blank questions. In addition, when kids discuss a text aloud, they may develop a deeper understanding for it.

At home, switch roles and have your child act as the teacher. To get started, both you and your child will need to read a text.

Reinforce the role-playing theme by allowing your child to select the reading material. After reading, engage in a discussion with your child, but have him prompt you with questions.

For example, your child may ask you to summarize what happened in the story or to provide your thoughts on a character. Giving your child control may help him feel more confident while also providing additional practice with comprehension. If your child enjoys creative activities, encourage her to write an entire story from scratch based on a picture book. Elementary students often do not understand what is required in by their reading homework. Parents need to explain these assignments, especially when they make use of the latest teaching techniques, like graphic organizers.

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When we whisper, we naturally connect sounds as they should be connected in reading. Another strategy might be more useful in those cases. I love this post!! Bottom line…this has to become a part of the culture of your home. With my daughter, I am working on consistency. We conduct SSR for 20 minutes with a timer. We all have to read and I am working on her dad being a regular participant! My daughter has become competitive with it. She is happy to share that she is in a chapter higher than the one I am in she is 2nd grade.

I let her have those moments. If it motivates her to beat mommy, then so be it! What I really like is it forces me to get back to my personal reading which I seem to sacrifice to lesson planning, grading papers, curating, emailing….

Thanks for this wonderful post. That sounds awesome, Shayne. When I have been able to do something similar to this i. Your art is wonderful!

This is so nice for teachers to share with parents. It will clarity the dilemma of how to help a child improve in reading skills. Thank you so much! My hope is that my video along with your article will reach a whole lot of parents. Thanks so much for partnering with me on this!! Yes, if you contact the tech person in your school, they can probably show you exactly how to embed the video right on your page.

Here is a direct link to the video on YouTube: Thanks so much for this post! I already follow your blog as a middle school educator, but I love these tips for helping my daughter with reading skills as she begins kindergarten this year. It really helps to know exactly what we can and need to do at home to maximize her nightly reading.

So it may be more of a struggle. What an excellent and essential post! For years, I did the Reading Recovery program with first graders. Repeatedly, I saw that the kids that made the most progress, were the kids who had support at home.

However, parents need to learn the strategies outlined in this post in order to provide optimum support to their early readers. We are contacting the author to see if she can tell us where to find it. Kelly, the link to the free printable in the post has been revised. Thanks for making us aware of the problem! Thank you for the video. Have you considered doing a Spanish version?

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