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Direct and Indirect Object Quiz

I am going to say just that, but trust me, it will all make sense shortly. Looking back at our first example with Susan and her dog, we hit a small snag as there is not one but rather two objects in the predicate of the sentence: Consider the verb of the sentence: Now is Bob, the subject of the sentence, buying me? I certainly hope not. Rather is buying roses FOR me. So am I directly receiving the action of the verb? The roses, the objects directly receiving the action of the verb, bought, are the direct object.

After the verb, ask yourself the question "what. Looking at the second example:. You can determine this by asking the question, "Mail what? You can determine this by asking the question, "Hand it - the spatula to whom? You can determine this by asking the question, "Give what? You can determine this by asking the question, "Give to whom? Susan walks the dog. Bob bought me roses. Looking at the second example: Not so bad, eh? In this case, there is a prepositional phrase, "to me," and the word "me" is the object of the preposition.

In sentence 1, "plans" is the direct object. That is what gets the action of the verb, "told. In sentence 2, "place" is the direct object. It is the object that gets the action of the verb, "wants. There are just two prepositional phrases tacked on the end. A direct object is the receiver of action within a sentence. The direct object and indirect object are different people or places or things. Try putting a preposition in the sentence to help differentiate between the direct and indirect objects.

For example, in the sample sentence, it makes sense if you add "to" before "Mary," as in "He threw the ball to Mary. Ok, lets say you have a sentence: She gave the letter to him. We know that "she" is the subject, and "gave" is the verb. So, though "She gave" IS a sentence, when we ask "What did she give? Hence, "the letter" is the d. Yes, "She gave the letter" IS a sentence, but i. In this case, "to him" would be your i. As far as your sentences, answer these questions" 1. What did Leroy tell your d.

Minneapolis is the item of the preposition "to". Related Questions Identify the underlined word as a direct object, indirect object, or predicate nominative.? Can someone help me identify direct object, indirect objects, and prepositions for my homework due tomorrow? How do you identify a direct object or an indirect object?

Please help me with identifying the subjects, verbs, indirect objects, and direct objects!? Is it against the law to write a check you know will bounce? Big bang Theory Math question!?

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