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Working until late at night is par for the course at my office. This expression comes from the sport of golf. We use this expression when we want to talk about postponing doing something.

The postponement happens usually because we feel the activity is less important than other things we have to do, and therefore it can be delayed. Here are some example sentences using this idiom. This new project is really important, so I have to put my current project on the back burner for a little while.

My boss wants me to put my research for the ABC project on the back burner because he wants to focus on the XYZ project. This expression is often used in business situations, but not always. We sometimes use it to talk about personal plans, such as in my third example. This expression comes from the idea of cooking something on a stove. In many western countries we have four elements, or burners, on our stoves.

Both words are used to convey the idea of trying to intake information in order to become more knowledgeable or intelligent. Let me give you some example sentences using these words. I have to study fifty new words for my final exam in Spanish. I hope I can learn all of them. I learned a lot in my economics class because I studied every day. As I said before, learning is successful studying. But if you never study at all, then you will never learn. All of us learn things just from living our lives and making mistakes.

We use them when we want to talk about something which a person says that likely to be believed or not believed. We can also use them when we are trying to figure out if something is true or not.

Finally, they can be used to talk about the believability of a story in a novel, movie, or TV show. Let me give you some example sentences using them. I have to think of a plausible excuse for being late. This is a safe city, so that would be totally implausible. I like action movies even though most of the time the stories are not plausible at all.

I like action movies even though most of the time the stories are completely implausible. Here are some ways to use it in sentences. I bought my house last year. Little did I know that the real estate market would drop so much. I wish I had waited. We invested money in ABC Company. Little did we know they would go bankrupt.

I wish we had invested in another company. My sister really regrets marrying her husband. Little did she know when she married him that he would cheat on her all the time. My brother and his wife recently moved to a city on the coast. Little did they know there would be so many mosquitoes there in the summer. The idea is that if they had known that information before, they would have made a different choice. Therefore, this is a way to express regret for a bad choice in the past.

If we omit it, the sentence still makes sense. This is my first blog entry for I hope everyone had a very happy new year! Let me give you some examples. Our sales have gone down. The color of the walls tends to affect my mood.

If the walls are green or blue, I feel more relaxed. The color of the walls tends to have an effect on my mood. This is the case of my second example sentence. In the case of my last example, we could also say:. I hope that is clear to everyone. The Ginger Grammar Checker helps you write better English and efficiently. En le as we offer custom of language english a2 help literature and coursework to come.

Is a fun educational website dedicated to helping you build reading. Helps cover visits to doctors, dentists, and hospitals. It uses technology partners to help mobile customers connect to available Wi-Fi. Free online dictionaries - Spanish, French, Italian, German and more. Of ways you can directly contribute to helping immigrants and refugees build new lives in Metro Vancouver.

English Use arrow key to access related widget. Practice online on or on the apps! Interactive Lessons in English Language Arts. If you need help with an immigration issue, you can use the services of a. IXL offers thousands of adaptive online practice skills, with complete coverage of pre-K through twelfth grade language arts.

Fun English Activities Online for Kids. Play these fun English Games for year olds. Customs and Border Protection. The resources include videos, mobile apps. If you are an English language teacher looking for materials, the British Council can help you with regularly updated lesson plans and classroom materials.

Change Language English Language. Look behind the headlines. The full guide has two sections. Is online registration secure for payment by credit card?

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Today’s entry is a seemingly simple one, but it’s something that confuses the majority of my students. It is the difference in usage between the prepositions “at” and “in”.

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