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Create and present a custom show

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❶Train your people I always recommend that people train the end-user of the template in how to use it.

How to change the default color palette

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1. Create your basic template
Creating and saving a PowerPoint template

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What cookies are used by AdvancedWriters. We operate both permanent and session files. The initial ones are also called long-term as they remain on a PC for a longer period, while the latter ones are deleted once the browser is closed.

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To create a hyperlink from the main show to a supporting show, select the text or object that you want to represent the hyperlink. On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Hyperlink. Under Link to , click Place in This Document.

To create additional custom shows with any slides in your presentation, repeat these steps. To see how a custom show will appear in slide show view, in the Custom Shows dialog box, click the name of the show, and then click Start Show. A hyperlinked custom show is a quick way to navigate to other custom shows from your primary presentation.

You can also create a table of contents slide to link from. Designing your presentation this way allows you to navigate from the table of contents slide to different sections of your presentation, so that you can choose which sections to show to your audience at a particular time.

The following instructions explain how to create one or more custom shows, and then add a hyperlink from the primary presentation to the custom shows. If you want to create a hyperlink from one presentation to a completely different presentation, you can add a hyperlink to the other document.

For more information, see Create, edit, or remove a hyperlink. Select the text or object that you want to represent the hyperlink. You can also create a table of contents and hyperlink from each text entry as a way to navigate through your custom show.

To do so, insert a new slide into your presentation, type a table of contents, and then link from each entry. In the Action Settings dialog box, select how to initiate the action by doing one of the following:. Click Hyperlink to , and then on the pop-menu, click Custom Show. Under Custom Shows , select the custom show you want to link to. To return to the slide that you started the custom show from after the custom show plays, select the Show and return check box.

This option is helpful if you have a slide that serves as a table of contents to custom shows. On the Slide Show tab, click Custom Show , and then click the custom show that you want to play.

Simply choose one of the available options by selecting it; or, create your own custom font pairing. While Microsoft is working hard to make the PC and Mac versions of its Office software as similar and compatible as possible, there are still a number of issues between the two systems with regards to fonts…even with the default fonts you get in PowerPoint.

In this dialog box, you will be given a choice of heading font and body font, as well as sample text to see what the combination would look like, and a place to enter a name for the new font combination. Make your selections for Heading font and Body font. You can use the standard fonts from Office, or any custom fonts that you have installed on your computer. Learn more about this in our YouTube tutorial, about the best fonts for PowerPoint, and which fonts you should avoid.

Unless you know EXACTLY who else is going to use the template and know for a fact that they have the same custom fonts installed on their computer, I would avoid custom fonts entirely. And while it is possible to embed custom fonts into your presentation, doing so comes with a few problems, so I rarely recommend it. The theme fonts only control the text that is inserting in a placeholder set in the template. If you insert a shape or text box onto your slide, it will have whatever formatting you set for your default shapes.

The next thing to determine is the kinds of effects you want to have automatically appear on various objects. The effect theme in your template will specify the fills such as gradients and textures , lines, shadows, and bevels for your shapes, lines, SmartArt graphics, tables and charts.

This is a hint to avoid going crazy with effects. A common thing people like to do with their slides is to format the slide background. You can format a single slide, a single Slide Master layout, or an entire Slide Master the parent slide layout. To change the background of just one slide, in the Normal View, you can get to the Format Background task pane two ways:.

To change the background of a Slide Master layout, in the Slide Master View, go to that layout and either:. To change the background of the entire Slide Master, do the same as above, but make sure you scroll up to the parent slide first.

That means that if you are going to have a dark background color, you want to select a dark background style, so that the text and other elements on your slide adjust accordingly and are legible.

And vice versa if you are going to have a light background. The same goes for if you set a dark image as a slide background. You want to make sure that you save your theme files in this exact location. If you save it or move it elsewhere, PowerPoint will not know how to retrieve it. You can simply save them to a hard drive or attach them to an email.

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When you create a custom show in PowerPoint, you can adapt a presentation for different audiences. Use a custom show to present only certain slides from your presentation, or to create a hyperlink to a group of slides in your presentation.

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Whether you're building an entire custom PowerPoint template, or just want to change the theme, understanding how a theme works will make your life easier. To learn more about this, read our thorough article on PowerPoint themes. Note: A theme is different from a template or a slide master. A theme.

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Jul 03,  · Custom PowerPoint template is a free design for PowerPoint with floral frame for PowerPoint presentations. The template for custom presentations in PowerPoint is especially designer for those who are looking for free custom PowerPoint templates for business or commercial presentations but also for personal projects and conferences.5/5(26). Designing custom PowerPoint slides for your business presentation will seriously eat up a lot of your time. There’s just so many factors to consider – and with a high stakes business presentation, you need all the help you can get.

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Custom presentations enable you to deliver a selection of slides from your main show -- handy if you're pressed for time or need to tweak the information for a particular audience. See how easy it. Creating a Custom Background for PowerPoint The following steps will walk you through how to create a custom background in Adobe Photoshop to be used in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Open Adobe Photoshop, which is installed on all of the computers in the Center for New Media Design.