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❶Letters of credit, which give a guarantee from a financial institution to the exporter that the goods will be paid for assuming all conditions are met, provided added assurance to exporters that the transaction will truly be profitable, while insulating importers from the cash flow issues described above UNZCO Neoliberalism, thus, needs to be adapted for the conditions of Latin America, rather than imposed upon the region with any consideration for its uniquenesses.

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Ways through which trade help nations overcome their obstacle Trade can enable developing countries improve their leaving standards, increase their economy and finally become developed countries. Saudi Arabia is an example of countries that used trade to overcome poverty and lack of industries. The country extracted crude oil and exported the crude form to most countries in Europe and Asia in the early part of the twentieth century.

It used funds accumulated from trade to establish refineries that enabled it to export refined forms of petrol to its customers. This improved its economy drastically, thus shifting out of the list of less developed countries.

Saudi Arabia is currently 56th in the global list of Human Development Index. Ways in which trade can be encouraged in developing nations Trade should be encouraged in the developed nations through bilateral agreements.

Since most of the developed nations want to take advantage of the smaller ones, so there should be international laws to protect them. Those laws should be enforced to show the developed nations that they do not want to take advantage of them. There should be more laws like the fair trade agreement to help these developing nations, so that they can see that not only do they want to trade with them but also help them improve their economy.

This will also help convince the farmers to trade with the developed nations. The problem is not to put these laws in place but to enforce the laws. An example is Colombia that has these laws that protect their coffee growers and their gem miners, but they are not enforced because this etching still happens in Colombia.

I think that these laws should be more favored than any other, because these laws not only protect a country but also protect innocent people. It also helps the protection of developing nations against monopoly. Policies, which should be favored more than others should Free trade agreements have policies that need considerations in terms of affects they have on developing countries. These agreements ought to have equal terms of service that favor the developing countries.

S, Mexico, and Canada. Investors from Mexico who wish to invest in the U. S find tougher terms than those who wish to invest in Mexico. S investors but discourages Mexican investors from investing in U. When Mexico, Canada, and U. The gap in these percentages ought to be wider in favor of the Mexicans Krauss, Globalization has allowed for the expansion of corporations beyond their natural domestic limits.

As such it has contributed to an increased standard of living for those who embrace its presence. Free trade therefore, is a welcomed addition within the overarching trend of globalization.

Free trade allows for the transfer of goods and services when demanded by specific economies. It also allows the countries best suited for such activities to flourish. For example, China is proficient in manufacturing which allows the country to export far more goods than it imports.

Developed nations such as Europe, America, and to a smaller extent, Japan demand these cheaper goods as they import more than they export. This trade allows both parties to subsequently flourish. China can sell its products to generate addition funding to expand…… [Read More]. Fuel Tax the United States. In the drive to discover new fuels and cheaper alternatives to driving the fact of the matter is that roads will still have to be maintained, and if the consumer is purchasing less fuel by driving fuel efficient cars, then other taxes will have to be raised or implemented to pay for the roads.

A recent study concluded that "more efficient cars and trucks still take up space on the highways and wear them out. Growth will require more highway capacity. Since we finance transportation primarily through dedicated taxes, these need to be ample enough to support these needs" Petersen, , p.

The taxes seen in America are not as high as the ones imposed on the European consumer. One study showed that "European fuel costs are double those in the U. The higher fuel costs there provides the European consumer with incentives not…… [Read More]. Macro Micro Integration the. These are likely to affect a company manufacturing and selling nutritional as well. The three strategic decisions we propose include 1 diversifying into a related activity that is likely not to be affected by the recession something that the population will always need ; 2 concentrate the business on those areas where the recession is likely to be felt least generally rich urban centers, where the need for nutritional products is likely to remain constant and 3 expand into countries where the market will still support demand for such products.

The recommendation would include reducing as much as possible investments and financial expansion so as not to be affected by the problems occurring on the financial markets.

In times of recession, it is best to adopt a more moderate investment approach. On the Internet at http: Last retrieved on October 15, On the Internet at http: Last retrieved on October…… [Read More]. International Politics What Do You.

A threat to security, that continues to grow ever since the beginning of the twentieth century, is that of drugs and national and international crime that is directly linked to it. The cooperation in this matter between Mexico, the main gate for illicit drugs from Latin America and the U. President approved in the list of major illicit drug producing or trafficking countries that was to be submitted to the U.

Among the major players in the field of illicit drugs were: Meanwhile, Europe came under the threat of massive illicit drugs entering the continent through Africa, so the issue gained in proportions…… [Read More]. It is also very possible that some questions will not be asked, if person interviewed does not know how to answer them, or does not want to answer such questions. Also, the total experience of the persons with the industry of furniture in Thailand is of interest.

Next types of questions in the interview refer to the opinion of interviewees about the business of furniture in Thailand. Furniture is also tested with the subjects in…… [Read More]. Japanese Spirit Western Things While. Cine the s and well into the s the overall economic growth skyrocketed to what has been called the "Japanese Miracle.

Its major industries are banking, insurance, real estate, retailing, transportation, telecommunications and construction. Japan also serves the global economy with some of the most technologically advanced production of motor vehicles, electronic equipment, machine tools, ships, chemicals and textiles, with a service economy of about ae of its GDP "Japan -- CIA Factbook," Partially this has been the result of the economic partnership with the United States, Australia, and the European Union.

Japanese products have gone from the merely imitative "cheap knock-offs" of the late s and early s to cutting edge, sought-after materials that are some of the finest made in the world.

The Japanese consumer, too, embraces Western goods and culture…… [Read More]. New Education the Current Crisis. Research was the first to feel the effects. The shift in the material base of the university leaves the humanities entirely out in the cold. Essentially, we give the copyrights of our scholarly articles and monographs to university presses, and then buy them back, or demand that our libraries buy them back, at exorbitant markups.

And then no one reads them. The current tenure system obliges us all to be producers of those things, but there are no consumers. The academic partners within the university setting are essentially in competition with one another for funding and other resources. If the students with stellar marks from certain departments are highly recruited by business and academia, the department is heralded and viewed upon…… [Read More]. Business Flow of How You Plan to. BCS Financial is a service-based company where, as a client-based company, my day-to-day operations will vary.

I would also have to watch the other markets around the world. When I first start up the business, I will have to commence with the office supply company that I have taken over.

That necessitates the requirement of personally running the store on a daily basis until the inventory has been sold. Supplier Selection and Evaluation Process Steps in the Supplier Selection and Evaluation Process Supplier selection and evaluation process consists of six different steps as follows: The first step involves the identification of potential suppliers. At this stage, the buyer considers the competitive global economy and focuses on discovering the new viable suppliers.

Moreover, it will consider issues such as the importance of discovering new suppliers, the reasons for screening the qualifications presented, the actual screening process that looks at aspects such as reference checks, surge capacity availability, and buy-in from the internal customer s , and the creation of a supply base. In the second step, the supplier is requested to provide information about their products and or services.

The contractual terms between the buyer and suppliers will be stated in…… [Read More]. Performance Assessment Systems in Organizations Many companies conduct performance assessment systems to cope with the current fast-paced global economy.

The assessment reflects on companies past outcomes known as lagging indicators as well as the current leading indicators to inform the management on the latest developments. These indicators appropriately analyzed, reported and evaluated, help the companies achieve higher profits. The use of leading indicators is increasingly getting popular with many companies and businesses today.

According to Gjerde and Hughes , computed deviations with standard cost systems give the management timely data on shortfalls of production allowing them to put emphasis on the unfavorable outcomes and take corrective measures to enhance profits. In the case of South West Airlines, they put in place a performance assessment system that saw it successfully execute a cost leadership strategy.

The liner recorded a growth in operating income using the performance assessment system and took advantage…… [Read More]. The three processes which are identified for this assignment are discussed in detail with the recommendations to improve performance of the overall organization. The organization that has been chosen for this project is Wal-Mart.

It is an American retail corporation that operates on a global level. Wal-Mart is a large warehouse store and operates a number of large retail chain stores all over the world. Wal-Mart is chosen for this assignment because it is one of the largest public corporations and employs around two million people all over the world. It is indeed the biggest retailer in the world.

Wal-Mart is one of the most valuable businesses in the world despite the recent decline in their profits in some of the global operations. Wal-Mart was founded in the year by Sam Walton. It was…… [Read More]. Women in Maritime Sector the Impact of. By encouraging more women to enter into areas that have traditionally remained dominated by men, a number of positive political and economic changes can be brought about. At the same time, there is the likelihood that certain social and cultural challenges may have to be dealt with.

This is a deep discount from years prior to the recession, when sales growth was 8. At the same time, operating income has continued to increase year over year, with per-share revenue growth and an increase in dividends, all while the firm has taken on more long-term debt and expanded fixed assets mostly it seems through opening new international units.

This increase in long-term debt has driven a fall in owner equity with the result being a picture of a competitive multinational increasing…… [Read More]. US Decline the Decline of. These international organizations, including the G, Financial Stability Forum, the International Organization of Securities Commissions Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD , and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, develop and encourage implementation of standards, principles, best practices, and economic architecture Preston, The global environment encompasses the global climate, human use of resources particularly resources that have become accessible only as a result of technological innovation and advances , and cross-border effects the environmental concerns arising in different parts of the world involve more than one political jurisdiction Preston, Environmental problems entered public and political consciousness in the s.

In , the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, held in Stockholm, established a connection between economic growth and environmental degradation. The relationship between economic development, poverty, and environmental degradation has been researched in depth since the late twentieth century.

Sustainable development has been championed by many environmental organizations that recognize the importance or inevitability of worldwide economic growth.

Traditional notions of sustainable development are being challenged by economic globalization. National environmental regulatory controls are increasingly ineffective when faced with increased trade integration, capital mobility, technological innovation, and changes in production.

Global environment stakeholders debate how best to protect the global environment in the context of economic globalization.

Economic globalization, which challenges traditional regulatory approaches to environmental protection, requires new environmental governance approaches. Economic globalization empowers international economic and environmental organizations to create environmental policy rather than the local governments, where environmental efforts have traditionally been developed Conca, In the global economy, the environment is managed and protected in three main ways: Corporations are responding to stakeholder and shareholder concern for the environment by incorporating environmental ethics into their corporate activities and business practices.

A form of corporate social responsibility, the most prominent and common voluntary effortsinclude lifecycle analysis, industrial ecology, design for disassembly, and strategic alliance. One study has found that voluntary corporate environmental protection does help increase profits for participating companies Yu, Industrial ecology refers to the business practice of designing production and distribution facilities as closed systems that are dependent on recycling, reuse, and creative energy production.

Design for disassembly refers to the environmentally friendly practice of designing a product that can be taken apart and reused in the manufacture of different products

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