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❶It is required by line manager to listen and take interest in the feedback provided from the employees.

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They often conducts one-to-one meeting with workers in order to identify their problems and take feedback from them. It is required by line manager to listen and take interest in the feedback provided from the employees. Other than this, they are also responsible for maintaining decorum and discipline within the workplace. They also take care of performance related to pay which enhances motivation of workers.

Legal and regulatory framework makes a direct impact on the human resource management of an organization. It can be expressed that the practices and policies of HRM needs to comply with healthy and safety legislation, employment laws and other regulations.

Further, HRM practices must address any kind of changes in the above stated the laws and legislation. Human resource management deals with process of recruitment and selection where people are hired for vacant post in organization Kotey and Slade, As per the regulations, HR manager is required to use fair and transparent policy at the time of recruitment and selection. Along with this, candidates should be selected on the basis of their qualification, experience, skill set and abilities. The legal and regulatory framework forces organizations such as the Tesco to change its existing HRM practices.

On the other side, it has also encouraged the organization to provide equal opportunities for growth and development to all its employees. It is only because of the legal and regulatory framework that better pay and working hours are being provided to employees of Tesco Hayton, All these changes have increased the overall cost of operations and have also made modifications in existing HRM practices of organizations such as Tesco.

The key objective behind carrying out human resources planning is that it helps companies to identify the exact number of employees required. In simpler terms, human resource HR planning helps in ensuring adequate supply of employees or manpower whenever it is required. Organization carries out HR planning at frequent intervals in order to meet the future demand of employees in best possible manner Armstrong and Taylor, One of the main reasons why HR planning is carried out is that it helps business enterprise to cope up with the changes.

Organizations such as Asda and Tecso are required to make changes as per the changing external environment in which these businesses operate. Human resource planning helps in making employees capable enough to cope up and adopt changes. Another reason for carrying out HR planning is that it helps the above stated two retailers to get the best and most talented staff members.

Effective plans can help in selection of the most eligible candidate for the vacant position in the organization Becker and Huselid, It can be stated that despite of high unemployment rate, businesses such as Asda and Tecso faces problem related to hiring of skilled and capable employees. Therefore, effective HR plans help these firms to overcome from the problem related to unavailability of skilled workforce Becton and Schraeder, On the other hand, human resources planning are also carried out with the motive of meeting growth and expansion needs of businesses Aswathappa, Another reason behind carrying out HR planning is that it helps organizations such as Asda and Tecso to make the best and optimum use of all their employees.

The gap between demand and supply of human resources is easily managed by carrying out effective HR plans. Human resource planning can be termed as the process in which effective plans are developed to meet the future demand of people within organization.

The stages involved in human resource planning of Sainsbury are mentioned below as:. Assessment of human resource- The process of HR planning in Sainsbury begins with the assessment of its internal and external environment Harzing and Pinnington, This helps the organization to become aware of its core strengths and weaknesses along with future opportunities and major threats.

On the basis of this, the future requirement of human resources is being identified. Checking out the existing inventory of human resources- Sainsbury starts identification of its current number of employees, their skills, strength and weaknesses in the second stage of HR planning. In order to meet the requirement of job, both internal and external sources are also examined by Sainsbury. Demand and supply forceasting- The third stage of human resource planning consists of forecasting the future demand and supply of employees in Sainsbury.

Job description and personal specification are being developed for the vacant position Jackson, Schuler and Werner, Along with this, sources are also evaluated from where the identified demand can be satisfied by Sainsbury.

Estimations of manpower gaps- Sainsbury finds out deficit and surplus of human resources by comparing their demand and supply. On the basis of this findings, action plan are implemented which consists of major activities such as recruitment, selection, training development etc.

Asda and Tesco are the two popular retail chains of United Kingdom. Further, both these organizations operate with large number of employees. The recruitment and selection procedure which are followed in Asda are completely different from what it has been implemented at Tesco Kotey and Slade, Asda gives preference to internal sources and then moves to external sources whereas Tesco directly seeks for external sources of recruitment and selection.

Whenever, there is a vacant position in organization, Tesco starts publishing ads on newspapers and other related media to invite applicants. On the other side, Asda try of lower down its cost on recruitment and training of new employees by seeking for existing employees that can fill vacant position Guest, In case, if the organization is not able to find eligible employee then it looks for external sources.

The process of selection of Asda also differs from Tesco. There are three rounds of interview which are carried out Asda in order to select employee for vacant post. On the other side, Tesco follows a proper procedure of selection in which preliminary interviews are carried out, written test are conducted, employee interviews, medical examination are arranged and then appointment letter is provided to the applicant Aswathappa, The technique which has been used by Asda and Tesco are effective in various terms.

The process of recruitment and selection which is used by Asda can be termed as effective because it lowers down the cost of advertisement and training. Whenever a post gets vacant, Asda tries to fill the same with its existing employees Jackson, Schuler and Werner, Therefore, to a certain extent, it is not required to invest on advertisement to invite applicants for the vacant post.

Further, the existing employee is already familiar with working environment, culture and no training is required for him. This directly results in cutting down the cost incur in training Meredith Belbin, On the other side of this, the process which has been adopted by Tesco is effective because it bring fresh and new talent in the organization Hayton, With the help of external sources, Tesco is made available with wide variety of choices to fill the vacant position.

Other than this, a well structured process of selection helps in selecting the best and most eligible candidate among all the applicants. Therefore, it can be stated that both the methods adopted by Tesco and Asda are effective in their own way. From a long run, the importance of motivation is seen around the corporate world for retaining employees at the workplace.

In general words, motivation is seen as the process by which individual behaviour can be changed while satisfying their needs and wants. The motivational theories used by the companies are divided into two major sections such as content theories and process theories. The content theories are emphasised on what motivations are, on the other hand, process theories presents that what is the real process of motivating an individual. To the flip side on a coin, reward is a monetary value that is gained by the workers during job period.

Rewards can be paid in both forms i. Financial rewards is provided to employees against their performance however, non-financial somewhat related when organizational rewards employees in terms of promotion, achievement and praise. The link between rewards and motivation directly leads to organizational efficiency Srimannarayana, UK organizations generally design incentive system as to encourage people to attain objectives.

The role of rewards is in providing direct motivation to the workforces in successfully completing their jobs. Prior to describe, role of motivation in real organization, it is important to identify the motivational theory which fits to the scenario. According to Vroom expectancy theory, the motivation level of individual working in an organization depends upon how much rewards they want.

The mentioned theory is based three elements i. However, valence denotes the emotional attachment of employees with rewards. Instrumentality denotes to the perception of employees to attain outcomes by increasing their productivity. At last the expectancy represents that rewards lead to expected performance Prince, Tesco is a leading retailer of UK who offers range of scale and the reward systems to increase the moral of employees. Financial and non financial rewards are provided to workers to keep them motivated whereas company also uses number of motivation theories.

The financial rewards system includes special offers and discounts to attain employee motivation for improved work. Job evaluation is a process used by the corporate entities with the aim of extinguishing the relative value of jobs within the organization. This is quite important process to evaluate to each job and determining the pay scale. However, it is quite important for employers to define clear reason for job evaluation as prior to conduct it.

During the Job evaluation, three major factors are to be focused on including: For this task, knowledgeable Human resources specialists decide on the effective evaluation of job Becton and Schraeder, There are two major methods of conducting job evaluation i.

However, the process of job evaluation is complex, but, it is required to conduct a specific analysis of a job for determining pay scale. The points below represent the process of job evaluation within an organization:. Nonetheless, there are many factors that affect the determination of pay scale for a particulate Job.

The points are explained below in the following points:. The size of organization is the major factors that determines pay scale, usually, it considers that a big organization pay good salaries due to size and competition available in the market. Seniority of Job position: To decide over the pay scales for a particular job, seniority of job position is a major factor. On the basis of seniority, the job evaluation committee determines the pay Jackson, Schuler, and Werner, Profitability targets of the organization: The pay scale of company is determined after deciding the profitability targets.

The objectives of profits are to be looked at the time of deciding pay scales for a job post. Skills and experience required for a Job: The requirements within a candidate commencing the role and responsibilities of the vacant post is the major factors that is considered while determining the pay scales for a job. However, industry sector and well as performance of employees is also a base of determining pay scale for a job Armstrong and Taylor, In regard to the retailing organizations, pay scale is determined and the existing competitors pay scale for the similar post.

Tesco determines pay scales while considering availability of labour in the market, competitors pay scale as well as the law within UK labour market regarding direct and indirect financial payments. In addition to that pay scales are determined while considering time and performance required for the post. The workers of Tesco are provided overtime for their extra work and piecework system is also used by Tesco. Reward system is the foremost requirement of an organization for the purpose of motivating people at the workplace.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards are two kinds of different rewards which are paid to the employees against their improved performance. It is the segment that worries the year-end assessment of the representatives. Following a year arrives at an end; a supervisor connects with the representatives and discusses the different execution estimation parameters.

This meeting traces the weaknesses and rules to enhance further. As indicated by our HR Assignment Help experts, amid such meeting, chiefs and different workers confront strife because of absence of comprehension among them. HR office needs to make compelling execution administration frameworks that can sort the issues and let representatives assess their execution all alone.

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