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Acting Resume Sample

The Student Actor's Resume

❶Unlike the business world, your actor resume should be kept to one page and no longer.

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Acting Resume Questions
Tell Them How to Cast You
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It should be hand-tailored to fit you. But here are some of the standard sections:. Your name in large, bold letters. Followed by your contact info, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and union associations. The roles you had in plays, musicals, films, TV shows, commercials, voiceovers, etc.

Where you studied and what kind of program. Do you speak another language? Do you play an instrument? Can you drive a car? Those are all special skills. Okay, this is a lot of info.

But the truth is, most working actors fall victim to type-casting. Look in the mirror and imagine who you might play in a movie. Are you the girl next door, the bombshell, the romantic lead, the funnyman? Once you know, you can tell them how to cast you. Take this guy for example. His resume is full of villians, clowns, and poets. When a casting director sees that actor resume, he understands immediately who this actor is and what he can do.

That makes him marketable. If you have no experience, then go down to your local community theatre and ask to be in the chorus.

All resume formats begin with contact details — otherwise your potential employer will have no way of contacting you! So, with that in mind, here is what to include:. This information can be written in a single line at the top, under your contact details.

You may want to consider printing your resume on the backside of your headshot. If going this route you will want to make sure to use particularly high quality paper, probably printed at a copy shop or photo center so that the head shot is of high quality and the resume is properly situated on the backside of the page. This section should be written in reverse chronological order , meaning that the most recent experience should be placed at the top.

However, your acting experience should also be separated into sections, determined by the types of media that you acted in. So, if your most recent experience was in film, then all of your film experience will be written at the top, even if some of that experience might be older than your television or theater experience. A way to make your resume stand out is to list skills related to performing, such as singing, dancing, or stunt work, as some roles may feature these.

You should also list behind-the-camera roles, such as writing and directing, as these show you have a greater understanding of the industry. Actor trained extensively in physical theater and improvisation. Past theater work has included a number of supporting and lead roles in feature-length narrative films. Seeks to hone performance skills and techniques.

Wrote and starred in 2 short films. Currently working on a project for the Munich film festival Cast in speaking roles in 2 television programs. Performed 4 shows each year with an educational touring company. Rehearsed and performed in 3 plays each season. Supporting role in movie. Maik van Epple personal coach and adviser.

Acting resumes are a little different than resumes for other occupations. At the top you put your name, hair color, eye color, height and weight, email address and phone number. Next is the experience section, which is rundown of your acting credits.

Entry Level Actor’s Resume Questions

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The Working Actor. How to Format Your Acting Résumé and Headshots Coming to the big city with your acting resume in appropriate shape will help you avoid being flagged as a newbie before you.

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Acting Resumes can be created online in minutes. Acting Resume Service guarantees your satisfaction or you get a full refund, so you have nothing to lose.

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View this sample resume for an actor, or download the acting resume template in Word. Acting resume sample Could you use some help with that? G et a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service. You'll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume's . When you are first starting out as an actor, you still need a resume even though you have very little experience to list. Casting directors request a resume whenever you want to be considered for a role. The good news is that an acting resume reveals more than your acting experience. Create a resume.

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Are you confused about how to make an acting resume with no experience? Here are some tips on how to make your actor resume and how to format it properly. Please feel free to come back to this article when you’ll need help with structuring your actor resume . Use these free acting resume samples to create and format your own. No matter how little experience you have, there's always a way to make it look great!